Sunday, November 22, 2015

Welcome to Communicating Education

C. Jack Orr, Ph.D.

Hello to everyone who is an education enthusiast. I am one of you. 
I include among us any person:
  • Whose life was changed through the work of a teacher, 
  • Who enthusiastically teaches in or beyond the classroom, 
  • Who cares deeply about the future of education, 
  • Who sees learning and fullness of life as inseparable.  
This site was previously entitled Teaching and Communication. It will continue to emphasize the unique relationship between education and communication. However, the larger focus is now upon illustrating the many-sided scope  of educational excellence. I will resist the reduction of education to one mode of teaching, one criterion for success (such as testing), or one kind of learner. Instead, you will find here:
  • Creative visions of education,    
  • Examples of great teaching,
  • Inspiration for the profession of teaching,
  • And, awakenings from a single definition of learning.

For information about my work in education and communication contact 

At the conclusion of each post I will show the photo of a university or learning center that was influential on my educational history. Pictured above is Phillips Hall at West Chester University where I am Professor Emeritus of Communication Studies.