Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Professor Ed Kerns: Celebrated Artist and Teacher

Good teaching is inspired by masters of the art. From time-to-time, my blog will feature master teachers who know how and why they teach.

Ed Kerns is Eugene H. Clapp Professor of Art at Lafayette  College. He is an artist of international distinction.

On the following two minute video he discusses his view of teaching.

Notice Professor Kerns' emphasis on the active teacher, the primacy of relationships and the "hidden agenda" of values in teaching. His concluding quote from Viktor Frankl defines the ends for which he teaches.

Professor Kerns
“That’s what thrills me — to work in front of students, to collaborate with students, and to have them be a part of the whole process.”

Learn more about Professor Kerns’ teaching philosophy, student involvement and art by visiting his profile at Lafayette

Congratulations Ed on enriching the lives of 5500 students!


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